Delonghi Scultura Coffee Machine
Delonghi Scultura Coffee Machine

Fantastic coffee, simple controls, and best looks make this a remarkable espresso machine now accessible for less.

Features and design Delonghi Scultura Coffee Machine

An extensive 1.4L water reservoir sits at the machine back.

You can fill it with the container in place, although a plastic handle in the center means it is simple enough to pull out if you would instead fill directly from a tap.

Making coffee is easy, thanks to just a few controls: an on button, a key to dispenser water, a button to increase the temperature for steam, and a tap to turn on warm water or steam, depending on the machine’s present mode.

Alongside the keys is a green indicator asking if the machine is warm enough to dispense warm water or steam.

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Fantastic espresso with crema that is just right

The flavor was terrific. We got the slightly bitter taste that the best shot of espresso should have, bringing out the depth and acidity of our picked beans.

We found that espresso was rich throughout and had no wateriness that affordable machines generally produce.

Switching to making a latte, we were happy with the outcomes from the steam wand.

With the machine up to temperature, it is a matter of using the tap to manage the flow.

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Nice foam and reasonable control

Pouring the milk into a latte glass and having an espresso shot, we got an extremely pleasing outcome, with perfect velvety milk sitting perfectly on top of our espresso shot.

There is no doubting that in taste and look. This is one of the top machines we have used.

Switching the steam mode off does not event the warm water, so you must use the tap to get rid of the steam before making another espresso shot.

Otherwise, you will end up with burnt and bitter coffee.

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DeLonghi – Scultura Coffee Machine – Review

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