Capresso Burr Grinder
Capresso Burr Grinder

The Capresso burr grinder has received many great reviews depending on the model you choose.

Most buyers prefer the stainless steel housing model, but for those who use it once a day or less, the ABS model is reported to have satisfactory performance levels.

It comes in two colors – black or stainless.

The Capresso Burr Grinder is manufactured by Jura, a well-known and respected coffee maker, and accessories manufacturer.

Capresso Burr Grinder Product Features

• Three models: Sturdy ABS plastic or Stainless Steel
• five timer settings
• 16 grind settings from fine to coarse
• Holds 8.5 ounces of beans
• Holds 4 ounces of grounds
• 100-watt conical grinder
• One-year limited warranty
• Upper conical burr removes for cleaning
• Weighs 5 pounds

The Capresso Burr Grinder comes in three models – 2 are plastic, and 1 is stainless steel.

The burr grinders slow the speed of the grind and prevent the machine from burning the grounds and overheating the machine.

The Capresso burr grinder will not operate unless the lid is secured for safety. Additionally, the Capresso burr grinder sensor and select mechanisms will not work unless beans are in the grinder.

This grinder has 16 settings that allow for a grind best suited to your particular coffee type.

This machine has been designed for home use with the grinding burrs found in commercial-type machines.

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Capresso Burr Grinder Customer Reviews

There were mixed reviews of the 41 customers who reviewed this Capresso burr grinder. The company makes three models, and buyers commented on all three.

The stainless steel model, 565.05, was given the best reviews. Some of those who purchased the ABS plastic version stated it “looked cheap” and exchanged it for the stainless steel version.

Others, who kept the plastic model, are satisfied with their decision.

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What customers love about it

• Price
• Quiet operation
• Safety features
• Grind selection

Those who purchased the Capresso burr grinder were most impressed with the quietness of the operation and the number of grind options.

Most of these customers owned an espresso or French press machine and purchased the Capresso burr grinder for those operations.

What buyers hate about the product

• Difficult to disassemble
• Need to clean after every use
• Inability to replace burrs when dull

Customers who reviewed the Capresso burr grinder, whether satisfied or dissatisfied with their purchase, agreed that it is challenging to assemble after cleaning properly; that cleaning after each use is necessary but annoying at best; and that the inability to replace the burrs when they become dull is expensive since the machine must be replaced.

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Based on customer reviews, the Capresso burr grinder is a respectable purchase choice for machines under $100.00.

However, if you desire a machine that will last for several years, you may wish to choose another grinder.

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Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder | Crew Review

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Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder, Black 8.8 oz

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Capresso Infinity Plus Commercial Burr Grinder 570 01

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Capresso 575.05 Infinity Plus Conical Burr Grinder with Large Bean Container, Stainless Steel Includes Cleaning Tablets and Dusting Brush Bundle

$159.95  in stock
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Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder, See-through bean container holds up to 8.8 oz of beans

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Capresso Coffee Burr Grinder

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Capresso 591.05 Coffee Burr Grinder Stainless Steel

$70.72  in stock
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as of June 6, 2023 4:39 pm

Infinity Silver Grade Electric Burr Coffee Grinder

$180.42  in stock
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Coffee Bean Grinder Maker Machine Burr Conical Whole Electric Mill Commercial Dispenser Stainless Finish- Beautiful Top Seller Marketplace- Beautiful and Affordable

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as of June 6, 2023 4:39 pm
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