Gourmet Espresso Pods Italian ESE Coffee Pods
Gourmet Espresso Pods Italian ESE Coffee Pods

Illy Ese Pods is a new type of pod from Illy Coffee.

They come in two distinct models – one with a pre-packed single cup and another with three cups or more.

Features Illy Ese Pods

Each pod contains its pre-packaged flavor and aroma, making it an excellent choice for people who enjoy a single cup of coffee every morning.

However, these pods are extremely expensive, making them unavailable for many coffee drinkers.

Long Shelf Life

ESE pods are sealed individually and have a relatively long shelf life – more than 12 months, depending on the purchase model.

You’ll get much better value from purchasing more than one ESE pod, as the prices of Illy Ese Pods are very reasonable, but they can be rather costly if you’re buying many of them.

Good Selection

Another advantage of purchasing an ESE pod is that you’ll often get an excellent selection.

Illy has several pod blends, such as Java Oatmeal, Vanilla, and Hazelnut.

You’ll usually find these in their single-cup model, but they are also available as three-cup packs, which are great for people who like to make Espresso regularly.

You can find espresso Pods at almost any retail store that sells coffee, but online retailers often offer discounts on these products.

Illy Ese Pods are available from many manufacturers, including Gevalia, Keurig, and K-Cups.

These pods are often the cheapest way to get a single serving, but they are usually lower quality than those sold through the Illy system.

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Premium Beans

Illy products are generally made with premium beans and will not cost as much as other products.

If you don’t plan on drinking a single cup every day, purchasing an ESE pod might not be your best choice.

If you plan on using Illy ESE pods to make a lot of coffee, you might be happy with this price point, but it’s probably a good idea to consider purchasing a higher-quality single cup simultaneously.

Illy Ese Pods
Illy Ese Pods

If you choose to buy three or more than one at a time, it may be worth your while to spend more on coffee beans and make a more significant purchase.

If you only drink a single cup every day, it will likely be the cheapest product you’ll ever pay for, which is undoubtedly far better than spending a fortune on a single cup!

Illy ESE Pods do take a lot of getting used to, but you won’t want to go back to buying a single cup at a store once you’ve done that.

These pods are fantastic for people who enjoy a single cup at a time and a single cup of a new blend daily.

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Espresso (ESE pod) Comparison

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illy ESE pods

Illy ESE Pods are well-known and loved for their consistency and convenience. Making tea using an ESE pod is similar to making tea using a teabag or teapot. There will not be any mess when you use an ESE pod, as the coffee ground is all packed within a paper package.

The cleaning process involves just dropping the used ESE pod in the container without banging it out of a portafilter. Since the Illy ESE pods are pre-packaged with a certain amount of coffee, you’ll always get a similar taste. It’s one of the closest methods to having a coffee shop at home, like an espresso shop.

So, let’s now explain ESE pods, and today, we will focus mainly on Illy ESE pods.

What Does ESE Mean For Coffee Pods?

The complete form of ESE is ‘Easy Serving Espresso,’ which means precisely what it declares: quickly serve Espresso.

It was illy made the ESE reguEspressotaly in the 1970s. After that, in 1998 (February), the “Consortium for the Development & the Protection of the ESE Standard” was originated by seven coffee roasters and machine producers as a keeper of the ESE brand & standard.

This ESE order was planned to be an exposed design that would inspire wide acceptance and provide customers with the “liberty of choice and a guarantee of high-quality.”

It’s open to every coffee roaster and machine producer, making it a self-acclaimed “Just open system obtainable to the area for espresso coffee made with paper pods.”

Illy Espresso Coffee ESE Pods Variety Pack (Dark Roast, 18 Count + Medium Roast, 18 Count)

$29.98  out of stock
as of June 18, 2024 11:57 pm

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Buying Guide Of ESE Pods

▷ What are ESE coffee pads? | Reviews and prices in 2022.
Buying Guide Of ESE Pods

Not all ESE pods are similar, so we’ve assembled a buyer’s guide to help you choose the best one. This will make your life a little easier and ensure you get precisely what you’re searching for.

Size Of The Pod

The standard ESE pods generally have a 44mm diameter and contain 7g of ground coffee (Espresso). You can use an ESE pod only in the espresso machine and one pod. You can make only one cup of Espresso.

If your espresso maker makes two shots, you can purchase a low-Espressot basket that matches the ESE pods well. Maximum modern espresso makers are compatible with ESE pods. However, they won’t work with Nespresso, Senseo, or Tassimo coffee makers.

Strength Of The Pod

How strong you want your Espresso is a personal thing. OnEspresso’s perfect Espresso is another one’s strong espresso

The overall approval for a coffee shop is between 6g and 9g of coffee. At 7g, ESE pods tend to offer a weak/medium espresso strength. The more recently ground the coffee is, the stronger it tastes.

Even though maximum ESE pods contain freshly ground coffee, they quickly seal the packaging to lock in the flavor.

Leading companies deliver a range of espressos, and you might find you choose the more powerful variations, even if you usually aren’t a strong coffee lover.

Are ESE Pods Easy to Use?

ESE pods are truly easy to use. They’re way easier to use than coffee beans or ground coffee.

An ESE pod is not only easy to use but also tastes better. The ESE pods are contained with the pre-packed coffee grounds. It would be best to drop the pod in the cup to use an ESE pod.

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Overview of Illy ESE Pods

lly ESE Pods
illy ESE Pods

Illy offers ESE pods to help you make authentic Italian coffee with pre-packed ESE pods. The distinctive blend of Illy’s fine Arabica coffee beans with a rich, smooth, and full-bodied flavor is produced from the skillful mixture of 100% sustainably-grown fine Arabica coffee beans selected from diverse growing areas worldwide.

The outcome is a traditional Italian coffee that is flawlessly consistent, balanced, smooth, and never tastes bitter.

To use an Illy ESE pod, you need to insert a pod into the ESE-compatible espresso maker, and you will have robust, rich Espresso prepared within 30 seconds.

Each Illy ESE pod is separately wrapped to guarantee the most freshness and flavor with every cup of Espresso you make.

Both the coffEspressohe paper pod in ESE capsules are certified compostable. Illy’s box for the capsules is manufactured from biodegradable cardboard material.

Illy has achieved the 2-button coffee pod maker and named its up-to-date unit an eco & energy-saving item.


  • It tastes great and has a lock-in flavor
  • Easy to use
  • It takes less time to make the perfect cup of Espresso


  • It might Espressosfy an espresso lover who loves to drink the most robust espresso.

Should You Buy An IllyEspresso Espresso Maker?

E.S.E. coffee machines: selection of Espresso Machines - illy

Extraordinary and compact in its ease, the Illy ESE pods Espresso machine works with a single touch. This machine lights up the flavor of the exclusive Illy mixture.

To make the perfect cup of coffee in this Illy ESE pod espresso machine, place an ESE pod inside the device and wait for 30 seconds to have an espresso with the perfect signature Illy taste. This makes a rich, intense, balanced, and smooth cup of coffee.

At 800 watts, this is among the most miniature energy-consuming espresso ESE pod espresso machines we have tested. It packs in 20-bars of pressure for taking out Espresso. This makes the device Espressouy if you love to make Espresso at home.

SpecificationsEspresso ESE Pod Espresso Machine:

Dimensions: 11 x 32 x 26 cm

Wattage: 800W

Pump: 20-bar

Cord length: 1 meter

Drip tray: Double height

Water Reservoir: 1-liter detachable water reservoir

Coffee functions: lungo and Espresso

Power saving mode: yes


Illy is a well-known brand for espresso ESE pods. They make one of the best ESE pods that offer you a perfect cup of coffee every single time.

If you are comfortable with Illy ESE pods, you can also consider buying their espresso machine, which is compatible with ESE pods.

Have a great day with the best Espresso using ESE pods.

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