DELONGHI coffee machine grinder KG79 Review
DELONGHI coffee machine grinder KG79 Review

DELONGHI coffee machine grinder KG79 is an electric power grinder.

To make it work, it’ll need to plug into a main’s supply. In the United Kingdom, that’s a standard plug attached from the 240V supply.

Features DELONGHI Coffee Machine Grinder 

This professional coffee grinder can grind 120-gram coffee beans.

That is enough to make up to twelve standard-sized coffee cups.

So, for instance, if you wanted to drink three cups a day, a full grind would provide you with enough ground coffee for four days.

One helpful feature is that the lid of the machine sees through.

That means you can rapidly look and see how your coffee grind is going.

With a few models, you’ve stopped the grinding procedure, taken the cover off, and then looked in.

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Beginner’s Guide to Electric Coffee Grinder De’Longhi KG79

The coffee bean container itself can be de-linked and sealed to keep your coffee fresh.

It sees through, and that’s so useful to see how much you’ve left. There’s handy cord storage that keeps the lead smoothly tucked away until it’s needed.

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What we like

  • No mess when using this
  • The adjustments are right on the money.
  • Very neat, organized, and compact
  • Excellent value for money
  • It can produce a coffee bean grind smoothly, more than enough for most espresso coffee machines available in the market now.

What we don’t like

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Final words

Overall, the DELONGHI coffee machine grinder KG79 is one of the most affordable burr appliances you will ever come across.

It lacks the function of some sophisticated coffee grinders, but if you are making your primary steps in this sector, this is the machine for you.

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