Delonghi Clessidra Coffee Machine Review
Delonghi Clessidra Coffee Machine Review

Delonghi Espresso Machine is known for its exceptional brews and versatile functionality.

Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast who prefers the convenience of automatic brewing or a connoisseur who cherishes crafting the perfect cup of espresso, the Delonghi Espresarehine caters to all your coffee needs.

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What Is the Delonghi Espresso Machine?

The Delonghi Espresso Machine represents the apex of innovation in the world of coffee makers.

Pioneered by the renowned brand De’Longhi, it seamlessly combines traditional espresso-making expertise with modern technology’s convenience, offering a wide range of features to elevate your coffee experience.

Overview of the Delonghi Espresso Machine

The Delonghi Espresso Machine is designed to deliver authentic coffee and espresso using cutting-edge technology. Its bean-to-cup functionality ensures that every cup is made from freshly grounded coffee beans, maximizing the aroma and flavor of your drink.

Bean-to-Cup Functionality of the Delonghi Espresso Machine

The Delonghi Espresso Machine revolutionizes the coffee-making process through its bean-to-cup functionality. It eliminates the need for pre-ground coffee and ensures that each cup is brewed with the freshest coffee possible.

Understanding the TrueBrew Feature

The Delonghi Espresso Machine is equipped with the TrueBrew feature, a patented technology that optimizes brewing, resulting in a rich and balanced flavor in every cup of coffee or espresso.

It might resemble a classic filter machine, but the Clessidra is far more refined.

Rather than soaking the coffee grounds all at once, it uses mechanical pulses of water to mimic a manual pour-over, making a more intense taste and aroma.

The temperature and infusion time areare also managed, providing far more continued outcomes.

Features Delonghi Clessidra Coffee Machine

Many aspects of the Clessidra set it apart from other filter coffee makers.

The hourglass design is fantastic, and a significant amount of exposed glass is accented with sleek grey and chrome.


On top, the water tank has a removable lid that specs vents at the back to let steam escape as the water heats and quantity markings.

It has a capacity of up to ten cups, making the Clessidra best for post-dinner coffee.

It uses two techniques to make coffee – top standard brew and pour-over.

Each has a corresponding button, represented by what looks like shower drips and spray.

Delonghi Clessidra Coffee Machine Review
Delonghi Clessidra Coffee Machine Review

When pressed, each button illuminates.

What makes it pretty to get used to is that the keys protrude from the machine, and it feels more natural to push them downwards.

Once the water in the tank gets the current temperature, it cascades down via the center onto the ground coffee in a filter paper, which sits in a removable cone in the jug.

The cone is well-designed, with a lift handle and a sprung, lever-oriented control device that opens when coffee is dispensed.

This means no drips on the worktop when it is removed from the carafe.

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Delonghi Clessidra Filter Brewer Review

The Celessidra also has a shaped holder for the cone to sit in when it is not used and a scoop for measuring ground coffee.

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How Does the Delonghi Espresso Machine Work?

The Delonghi Espresso Machine boasts a user-friendly interface that simplifies the coffee-making process, allowing you to craft your perfect cup easily.

Utilizing the Built-in Grinder for Fresh Coffee

One of the critical features of the Delonghi Espresso Machine is its built-in, conical burr grinder, which ensures that the coffee beans are ground to perfection, unlocking the full potential of the coffee’s flavor profile.

Mastering the Milk Frother for Perfect Foam

With its advanced milk frother, the Delonghi Espresso Machine enables you to create velvety foam, essential for crafting indulgent cappuccinos and lattes, adding a touch of luxury to your coffee experience.

Single-Serve Functionality with La Specialista Arte

The La Specialista Arte, a variation of the Delonghi Espresso Machine, offers single-serve functionality, catering to individuals who desire a personalized coffee experience with a button.

Why Choose the Delonghi Espresso Machine?

The Delonghi Espresso Machine is the ultimate choice for coffee enthusiasts due to its exceptional features and unparalleled convenience.

Unmatched Convenience of Automatic Espresso Making

With its fully automatic espresso-making capabilities, the Delonghi Espresso Machine simplifies the brewing process, allowing you to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of espresso at the press of a button.

Customization and Control with Manual Espresso Options

Beyond its automatic functionality, the Delonghi Espresso Machine also offers manual espresso options, allowing you to tailor your coffee to your preferences, ensuring that every cup is precisely to your liking.

Reliable Durability and Warranty Coverage

Backed by a robust warranty, the Delonghi Espresso Machine is built to last, providing you with a reliable and durable coffee-making appliance you can count on for years.

How do you maintain and describe the Delonghi Espresso Machine?

Regular maintenance and descaling are essential to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your Delonghi Espresso Machine.

Proper Descaling Techniques for Longevity

Utilizing proper descaling techniques, as the manufacturer recommends, is crucial in preventing limescale buildup, ensuring that your machine continues delivering exceptional brews for years.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Optimal Performance

Regular cleaning and maintenance of various components, such as the milk frother and brewing unit, are essential for the machine’s optimal performance, ensuring that each cup maintains the highest quality standards.

Useful Features in the Coffee Link App

The Delonghi Espresso Machine’s integration with the Coffee Link app allows for seamless maintenance, providing valuable tips and notifications to keep your machine in top condition.

Enjoying the Delonghi Espresso Machine Experience

Once your Delonghi Espresso Machine is in place, you can indulge in a wide array of coffee and espresso options, elevating your coffee experience to new heights.

Exploring Different Coffee and Espresso Options

With the flexibility offered by the Delonghi Espresso Machine, you can experiment with various coffee and espresso options, catering to your evolving tastes and preferences.

Creative Ways to Get Inspired with Your Coffee-Making

The Delonghi Espresso Machine sparks creativity, inspiring you to create innovative coffee concoctions allowing you to explore and push the boundaries of your coffee-making abilities.

Understanding the Drip Coffee Functionality

In addition to its espresso-making prowess, the Delonghi Espresso Machine also offers drip coffee functionality, catering to those who enjoy a slower, more traditional approach to their coffee consumption.

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